[ndnSIM] Content Store Caching/Replacement Policies

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Wed Dec 7 20:57:40 PST 2016

ndnSIM friends,

Once again, I thank you all for your help and patience.

My questions:

1.)  In *cs-policy-lru.cpp*, the doBeforeErase function is as follows:

* LruPolicy::doBeforeErase(iterator i)*
* {*
*   m_queue.get<1>().erase(i);*
* }*

Note that it is removing an item from the queue, apparently.  However, I
was told this is just another copy of the table of iterators that the Cs
itself stores?

If this is so, how is this actually having any effect of the contents in
the Cs itself?

2.)  I noticed that there is an *emitSignal* when entries as evicted, and
it has beforeEvict as the first argument (in both LRU and Priority Fifo) -
what exactly is this signal emission doing?  Does this tell the Cs itself
to remove entries?


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