[ndnSIM] Content Store - caching a couple weird objects?

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Fri Dec 2 22:53:59 PST 2016

Greetings all,

I'm playing around with some of the content store stuff at the moment and
have a couple questions.

Here are the relevant files to my questions:

*My primary simulation file:*

*My derived / customized policy class:*

*The output of the contents of Content Store:*


1.)  I figure the stuff with /prefix/.... in front of it is just randomized
/ pseudorandomly generated items just starting with /prefix.  But *what in
the world is *the other garbage being printed to the file?  Usually it's
something like /localhost/nfd/faces/enable-local/control/<random string>.

Is this some sort of setup information / link confirmation ACK or something
that the nodes send/receive?  Why is the CS caching it as if it were data?

2.)  Is there a significant advantage to using one of the NS_LOG or tracers
over using standard <fstream> library objects?

3.)  If I understand correctly, the *POLICY *is responsible for actually
caching the data?  I assume that's all handled with the doBeforeInsert and
the related virtual functions, like the policies that ndnSIM provides
(FIFO, LRU, etc.), correct?  The Content Store object itself seems to just
cache the *names* and not the actual data?


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