[ndnSIM] how to run new forwarding strategy

Dependra Dhakal ddhakal at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 01:50:17 PDT 2016

 i want to run new forwarding strategy.. for example load balancing given
in example.. i have copied
random-load-balancer-strategy.hpp and random-load-balancer-strategy.cpp
file in /fwd/daemon/ and ndn-load-balancer.cc file in scratch and first i
have done ./waf debug to compile the two modules. but when i run .cc file
it gives me following error..
 ../scratch/ndn-load-balancer.cc:7:63: fatal error:
ndn-load-balancer/random-load-balancer-strategy.hpp: No such file or
directory #include "ndn-load-balancer/random-load-balancer-strategy.hpp"

how should i give the path.. i am not able to figure it out.... Please help
me in this regard
With Regards

Dependra Dhakal
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