[ndnSIM] How to create pointer to a customized App

Monika Dangi monikabaraut at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 13:54:20 PDT 2016

I wrote my own producer App, MyApp. then i installed it on a node like:

 ndn::AppHelper appHelper ("MyApp");
  ApplicationContainer app = appHelper.Install (mobileNodes);
now i want to use pointer to this app and the object of this MyApp.
i used method
Ptr<Application> ap_ptr =app.Get(0);
but when i use the pointer like
there is an error that Application has no function called myfunction.
i derived MyApp from Application and added ane more function myfunction.
now i want to pass the pointer of MyApp so that i can use myfunction in
other function.
but all i can get the pointer to Application which doesnt have myfunction.
what should i do?
Also how to get object of MyApp Application. or do i have to now access
this application via node only??
can anybody guide me?? just a little hint.

IIT Roorkee
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