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Zeinab z.rezaiefar at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 18:50:53 PDT 2016

Hello ,
I think i have found a solution . As i understood, if we use GetFlags function ( inface-> GetFlags) we can recognize this packet is from application layer or from other peer .  If this value is one ( or opposite zero) ,it is from application layer . This message is received from other peer if the interface flag related to this message will be zero. 
Hope it will be helpful for other persons who face the same problem. 
And thanks u for all of your helps

> On Apr 20, 2016, at 11:53 AM, Zeinab Rezaiefar <z.rezaiefar at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello Alex and Spyridon,
> firstly I would like to say thanks for your helping and your nice explanation. I am using ndnsim version1. as you mentioned, in every node that I install application, I have another interface too. however, my problem is that how I can recognize the  difference between internal interface and the external interfaces ( interface which a node receives packet from its neighbors)  in the code?  since I decide to forward packets based on from which interface I have received this packet ( which shows which peer has sent this packet), it is so important for me to distinguish between internal and external interfaces.
> moreover, is there any field like hop-count that shows this message is from other nodes ( form the peer of the node ) and it is not generated by this node?
> I am looking forward to hearing  you.
> thanks in advance
> best regards
> On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 10:58 AM, Alex Afanasyev <aa at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> Hi Zeinab,
> Which version of ndnSIM you're using.  For ndnSIM 1.0 your reasoning is almost correct.  There could also be face related to the application, if you have an application installed.  If a node doesn't have an application, then there should be just one face per simulated connection.
> ndnSIM 2, in addition to faces that correspond to network interfaces and applications, there are also several internal faces (internal face for management, face to represent content store, null face).
> ---
> Alex
> >> On Apr 19, 2016, at 5:58 AM, Zeinab Rezaiefar <z.rezaiefar at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> 
> >> Hello everyone,
> >> I would like to say that I think that number of interfaces in one node related to number of its connection (in the wired scenario)
> >> However, in the scenario that I run, node 1 has just one direct connect to node 2 . In my point of view , this node should have one interface, however, when I print interface of the interest message that is received in forwarding function. ( using inFace->GetId () for interface related to the interest message and node->GetId () for the node id).  I recognized that node 1 received interest messages from interface1 and 0.
> >> however, I expected that this node just received  interest messages from one interface.  Is there anybody knows why this thing happens or what mistake I am doing?
> >> Thanks in advance
> >> best regards
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