[ndnSIM] relation between interface and connection

Zeinab Rezaiefar z.rezaiefar at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 05:58:31 PDT 2016

 Hello everyone,I would like to say that I think that number of interfaces in one node related to number of its connection (in the wired scenario)However, in the scenario that I run, node 1 has just one direct connect to node 2 . In my point of view , this node should have one interface, however, when I print interface of the interest message that is received in forwarding function. ( using inFace->GetId () for interface related to the interest message and node->GetId () for the node id).  I recognized that node 1 received interest messages from interface1 and 0. however, I expected that this node just received  interest messages from one interface.  Is there anybody knows why this thing happens or what mistake I am doing?Thanks in advancebest regards  
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