[ndnSIM] Running ndnSIM under gprof

Alex Afanasyev aa at CS.UCLA.EDU
Wed Apr 13 19:32:35 PDT 2016

> On Apr 10, 2016, at 12:19 AM, Anil Jangam <anilj.mailing at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> Is this the only way to run the ndnSIM applications?
> ./waf --run=ndn-simple
> Actually I have compiled the ndnSIM for gprof and want to clarify the final step of gprof processing i.e.
> unix% gprof program-name [ data-file ] [ > output-file ]
> I did get some output after executing the command -
> gprof ./build/src/ndnSIM/examples/ns3-dev-ndn-simple-debug  gmon.out
> Is this correct way to invoke 'ndn-simple' example without calling it under ./waf?

There are few things that ./waf --run does.  First, it sets up a few environmental variables, which are important when you run python-based simulations, and not so important for c++ case.  Another, it automatically determines the name of the scenario executable, which can be different depending on which mode you have configured NS-3 (in your case it is debug version, if you configured as -d optimized, the executable suffix would be different).

So. There is no real difference in running through waf or directly.  If you want, you can still use waf, but with additional parameter to customize the command line

./waf --run=ndn-simple --command-template="gprof %s gmon.out"


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