[ndnSIM] Multi-hop wireless Ad-hoc

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sat Apr 9 17:45:01 PDT 2016

Hi Mohamed

I'm unfamiliar with ndnSIM and won't look at your script.
But you can check these:

   - B must have a route (or FIB nexthop) toward C.
   - The above is true even if you are using "broadcast" strategy, because
   "broadcast" is an alias of the multicast strategy, which requires a route.
   And you should switch to "multicast"strategy because the "broadcast" alias
   is deprecated.
   - B must have two separate faces (from NFD point of view) toward A and
   toward C. The multicast strategy will not forward the Interest toward a
   face if it's the sole downstream. This limitation exists in almost all
   current strategies, but there's no restriction in forwarding pipelines so
   you can develop a strategy that allows forwarding out of the same face.

Yours, Junxiao

On Sat, Apr 9, 2016 at 4:18 PM, Mohamed Benahmed <art_med_ahmed at yahoo.fr>

> I have an problem  in multi-hop wireless Adhoc
> i need to install NDN in 3 node A--->B----->c  (A:consumer ; B: forwarder
> ; C: producer ) but the problem is B does not forward the interest
> towards C
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