[ndnSIM] How the application level tracers work?

Anil Jangam anilj.mailing at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 19:17:02 PDT 2016


In my simulation scenario, I get no output when I enable the application
delay tracer. However, when I run the example provided, it works fine. So,
are there any preconditions in this example program, which I need to take
care of or just following line is enough to collect the application delay


I also want to understand the significance of Connect() function

Config::ConnectWithoutContext("/NodeList/" + m_node

MakeCallback(&AppDelayTracer::LastRetransmittedInterestDataDelay, this));

Config::ConnectWithoutContext("/NodeList/" + m_node +

MakeCallback(&AppDelayTracer::FirstInterestDataDelay, this));

What does ConnectWithoutContext() do? I looked into the Config class, but
did not understand what service it really provides. What the attributes
LastRetransmittedInterestDataDelay and FirstInterestDataDelay) actually
mean? Are they predefined anywhere or are they user defined?

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