[ndnSIM] Using the Metric from topo as the NextHop value using the global routing calculation

Yuhang Ye yye at research.ait.ie
Wed Oct 21 02:07:40 PDT 2015

Hi there,

I am trying to write an simple static forwarding strategy based on the
Nexthop cost. I fall in trouble as using the metric (from the topology
file) value to calculate the NextHop cost in the

1. The *boost::DistancesMap distances;* seems have already calculate the
optimal distance before the *dijkstra_shortest_paths* run.

2. If it is suitable or possible to pass the metric (from the topology
file) to the *boost::NdnGlobalRouterGraph graph; * as the edge or edge
weights? It seems the default value is 1 for each edge of a graph.

Thanks a lot~

Best Regards
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