[ndnSIM] Distance Between 2 Nodes

Andrey Silva andreysilva.eng at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 09:09:52 PDT 2015


Sorry if it is a dumb question,

My doubt is: the metric of distance between the nodes is calculated in
meters?  For example in the 9-node grid example,  when i set up the X and Y
position in the code,  is it in meters? Another question is: the e2e-delay
is based on distance too? So the final delay is = link delay + distance
based delay? Because, if only link delay is into account, the distance
between nodes is only for "best see" in the vizualizer, right?


Andrey Silva

Engenheiro da Computação - Universidade Federal do Pará
Mestrando em Engenharia Elétrica - Laboratório de Processamento de
Sinais - Universidade
Federal do Pará .
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