[ndnSIM] Potential Bug/Problem with ndn-cxx

Christian Kreuzberger christian.kreuzberger at itec.aau.at
Mon May 4 05:10:27 PDT 2015



(sorry for the "sloppy bug report" in advance, I am on  tight schedule


It seems that I am having a segfault with the latest "version" of ndn-cxx on
github [1] (eaa15f76838caa3fd741b049482ed2d1fc9d3667 ) in conjunction with

Not posting this as a bug yet, as I am looking for other having the same
issues (it could be that my codebase has a bug).

The revision before that (f0da789bd232d408da62ff6d30f4fcf24474bcf7) works
fine for me. 


The problem occurs BEFORE the simulation actually starts when populating FIB
entries, therefore it should be easily reproducible with the existing ndnSIM

I will provide gdb stacktraces when I have some more time (this evening
hopefully), and verify that the problem exists on my other machine as well.



[1] https://github.com/named-data/ndn-cxx/commits/master

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