[ndnSIM] (Please help) Implementing Customized Cache Management Policy

Kanin Assantachai kanin at inl.ics.keio.ac.jp
Thu Mar 26 19:20:14 PDT 2015

Hello Alex and Spyridon,

It's been more than a day since I sent an email about this set of 
questions already, but I have not received any response yet. I 
understand that I have asked quite a lot of questions, so it may take a 
while to completely answer all of them. May I ask if you are working on 
replying to my questions? Have I done anything wrong in my previous 
email? I truly need help from you.

Kanin Assantachai

On 26-Mar-15 2:13 AM, Kanin Assantachai wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am currently using ndnSIM 1.0, and I have been trying to implement 
> my own cache management policy for a while already. However, I have 
> quite a lot of questions to ask as follows.
> 1. Referring to the source code of LRU policy (lru-policy.h), what 
> are  the roles (functions) of codes from line 39 to line 47? I have 
> crossed  check with the code of empty policy (empty-policy.h) and I 
> found that  such codes are not necessary for the case of policy that 
> does not  implement any algorithm.
> 2. From line 89 to 96 of the same file (lru-policy.h), the "lookup"  
> function is implemented there. Why doesn't it handle the case of 
> cache  miss? Based on the code, it seems to me that this case is not 
> handled at  all.
> 3. It seems to me that the "policy_container" in the code serves as a  
> cache storage (list). I wonder if there are functions I can use to 
> access specific orders of cached objects in the list at a particular 
> time. Let's say I would like to get the first 5 contents which are 
> stored in the cache storage. How can I possibly do that?
> 4. This question is about the policy I would like to implement. How 
> can  I make nodes automatically send messages about some of the 
> contents of  their stored cache objects to next neighbor nodes? Is it 
> better to  implement this detail in the same cache policy file that I 
> am going to create, or in different files  at different levels? Please 
> kindly provide some suggestions.
> 5. When I simulated the example file "ndn-simple-with-cs-lfu.cc" using 
> the visualizer, I discovered that the request from consumer node still 
> reaches the producer node even after the intermediate router has 
> received the requested content from producer at least once. (The 
> second request from consumer node is sent before the content in the 
> cache of the router expires.) If cache is enabled at the router, why 
> does the later requests (after the first one) still reaches the 
> producer node? Why doesn't the router serve the request with its cache 
> content?
> Thank you for your responses in advance.
> Kanin Assantachai
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