[ndnSIM] Mechanism to check neighbor (link) alive or not

Hitesh Wadekar wadekahn at clarkson.EDU
Wed Mar 4 09:03:05 PST 2015

HI Prof. Wang,

Yes, it is "Hello" messages. It was typo ( NLSR sends "info" interest), I
apologies for it. I completely agree on it.  Now I got to know NLSR failure
and detections. Yes, It will help to trigger routing calculation faster,

Thank you for clarifying :)


On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Lan Wang (lanwang) <lanwang at memphis.edu>

>  Are you talking about the Hello messages (we call it INFO message in the
> paper)?  This is something NLSR sends, since it's used to detect whether
> NLSR is alive or not.  So you can't use something else to replace it.   For
> example, if there's link layer mechanism to detect link failures, that will
> help trigger routing calculations faster in this case.  But the link layer
> failure detection is not going to detect NLSR failure.
>  That said, NLSR does receive notifications from the local NFD when a
> face goes down or up.
> Lan
>  On Mar 4, 2015, at 10:17 AM, Hitesh Wadekar <wadekahn at clarkson.EDU>
>  wrote:
>    Hey Guys,
>  I just gone through NLSR paper, where they have mentioned that they are
> sending status (echo) messages to neighbor to check whether its alive or
> not (basically for tracking) which is a kind pf ping utility.
>  I wonder is there any other mechanism in NDN protocol stack that we can
> check or verify weather connected link or neighbor node is reachable or
> alive or not?
>  Thank you guys.
>  Cheer,
>  Hitesh
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