[ndnSIM] Question about disabled links coloring faces red

Riccardo Loti contez at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 08:36:40 PST 2015

First of all hi everyone, being the first message on the mailing list I 
suppose it's the least courtesy for me to say it. ;)

Second, and probably more important, I do have a question about the 
behaviour of ndnSIM on green-yellow-red nodes.

I do have a custom application (which is basically a request n 
sequential packets so not important here I think) installed on a few 
nodes, a few others are producers and they are all randomly placed on a 
grid layout with PointToPoint connections, where all nodes have the 
basic ndn stack installer through the helper.
We are still using (due to it being a long project) ndnSIM 1.0, 
Forwarding strategy is BestRoute, we use the GlobalRoutingHelper and 
invoke its CalculateAllPossibleRoutes before running the simulation, so 
not only the optimal paths are mapped, but all, as confirmed in the 
visualizer in the node's FIB.

Now, we also implemented a Failer class which each n seconds fails all 
node links for m seconds (using the GetFace(x)->SetUp(false/true) 
methods for each face).
The problem is that when the failed node is on the path between the 
consumer and the producer all interests stops at the failed link, 
without going to an alternative (originally suboptimal) path.

Shouldn't the faces going to the interrupted path be marked red instead 
of yellow so the routing can choose the second best one?

Doesn't ndnSIM manages this in some way more or less automatically? Does 
it changes bewtween ndndSIM 1.0 and 2.0?

Am I completely off the road and have totally misunderstood how this 
works, or missed a very obvious part of the documentation? (If so I'm 
sorry for wasting your time, but please explain me how so)

Thank you very much and I'll be waiting for pointers (eh eh, C joke ^^).


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