[ndnSIM] Simulation problem and ndn information

Gustavo Gonzalez gonzalezcga at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 02:10:06 PDT 2015

Good morning everyone,

I have some doubts that I hope you could help me to solve.

1. In the script attached I have configured a very simple scenario with 2
wifi nodes, 1 access point (AP) in infrastructure mode and one p2p node
connected to the AP. When I configure the p2pNode as producer and one
wireless node as a consumer (wifiStaNode) and configure the output to catch
info that flows through the wifiStaNodes then the simulation stops. When I
tried to catch the info but in the AP then the simulation doesn't have any
problem. Also when I removed the ndn architecture and do the catching of
info once again in the wireless nodes (wifiStaNodes) the simulation is also

I know that I have asked something similar before but I really don't
realize what is going wrong during the simulation and I really need to
catch the information that travels across the consumers, in this case the
wireless nodes.

2. Sometimes the files where the data obtained during the simulation is
stored is encoded in utf-16, being this a drawback to do the reading of the
files because I have to perform a conversion from utf-16 to utf-8 through
iconv command. What could be the reason of this?

3. Regarding to ndn, are already implemented layer 4 mechanisms (such those
in TCP) to control the flow of segments in the network containing interest
and data messages from ndn?

4. In the example ndn-simple-wifi.cpp , what is the main function of the
following command line:

ndnHelper.AddNetDeviceFaceCreateCallback (WifiNetDevice::GetTypeId (),
MakeCallback (MyNetDeviceFaceCallback));

Thanks in advance for your help.

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