[ndnSIM] Link failure scenario and forwarding failed to send packet with different path

Hitesh Wadekar wadekahn at clarkson.edu
Fri Jul 10 08:13:06 PDT 2015

Hello Friends,

I am experimenting a scenario and here is the steps for it,

1. I configured app as "BestRoute"
2. I created 6 node topology
3. I set many paths in FIB for that destination with different faces.
4. I scheduled LinkFail with the help of LinkControlHelper between two

I checked the code for LinkControlHelper, it is setting error code for that
particular (face, channel) which destination has connected.

Here is what happening,
a. BestRoute picking up same path (linkfailure) to send packet/interest to
the destination as it is lowest cost.
b. Later I removed that prefix manually, BestRoute is able to pick up next
path (different face), but still packet/interest is not able to communicate
with the destination.

I confused here what to check or test in order to send packet to that
destination with different faces.

Let me know your point of views or suggestions.

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