[ndnSIM] Question on changing the Interest Packet in the router

Wenjie Li liwenjie at cs.queensu.ca
Fri Jul 3 14:59:50 PDT 2015

Hi guys,

I have a problem when attempt to change the */Interest/* packet in the 
ndn router.

For now, I am still using the 1st version ndnSIM because I am working on 
some legacy codes I wrote before. I guess my doubt comes from the 
/*Interest/Data*/ class. Hope it will not be a problem.

I add some attributes in class Interest, in addition to the Name, Nonce, 
etc. When the Interest packet is delivered to some router and is 
processed by /*OnInterest*/ function in class /*ForwardingStrategy*/, I 
change the value of the attribute I add. However, according to the debug 
information, this change does not take effect (the value is set 0) when 
this Interest packet is forwarded to the next-hop router.

I doubt it may have something to do with the /*m_wire*/ in class 
/*Interest/Data */but I don't understand what it is used for. Could you 
give me some clues on how to fix it?

Thank you very much.


Wenjie Li
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