[ndnSIM] Installation bug on ndnSIM 2.0 update.

Trade trade20122012 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 18:03:09 PST 2015

Thanks, Alex.

It is strange that I did see libndn-cxx.a successfully installed as 
below, but in ns-3 subdir, it still could not find this libndn-cxx.a

[109/113] Linking build/libndn-cxx.a
[110/113] Linking build/bin/ndncatchunks3
[112/113] Linking build/bin/ndnputchunks3
[112/113] Linking build/bin/tlvdump
[113/113] Linking build/bin/ndnsec

./waf configure

Checking for 'libndn-cxx'                                      : not found
The configuration failed

On 1/20/15 5:58 PM, Alex Afanasyev wrote:
> sudo port install py27-sphinx

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