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Wed Jan 14 07:47:58 PST 2015

Thanks for your response Spyridon,

The client receives the data in the forwarding strategy  so onData method of fw is executed. But in the application side, the OnData is not executed!!! How can solve this problem?

Best regards
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 Date: Mercredi 14 janvier 2015, 1h15
 OnData method of the application class is called each time
 that new Data will arrive for the consumer
 application. The OnData
 method of the forwarding strategy does the actual processing
 of a Data packet during the forwarding process (e.g., check
 whether the Data packet is unsolicited or duplicated, add
 the data to the Content Store, satisfy pending interests,
 perform some data plane performance measurements
 etc.).The OnData method of
 the application is called only on a consumer node, whereas
 the OnData method of the forwarding strategy is called on
 every node that receives a Data packet.
 will make an educated guess for your issue: Make sure that
 you actually install a Global Routing Helper, calculate and
 install FIBs (CalculateRoutes method) and add the correct
 origins and prefix to the Global Routing Helper (AddOrigins
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 On Jan 13, 2015, at 3:48 PM, narjes
 aloulou <aloulounarjes at yahoo.fr>
 I want to  trace the download time of
 a content (zipf consumer). However,  the trace is generated
 as an empty file. When I debug the code, I found that the
 method OnData of the zipf-consumer class is not executed.
 My questions: when Ondata of the
 application is executed? what 's the relation between
 Ondata of the forwarding strategy and OnData of the
 Best regards
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