[ndnSIM] Interest parameters are not being propagated from one node to another

adithya srinivasan adith.ad at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 22:06:50 PST 2015

I'm trying to add a custom parameter to the interest class called
"sigcheck". When setting the interest name , nonce for the first time , I
have also set sigcheck using customized member functions. (sigcheck is a
bool variable. The purpose of it is not related to the topic ) . The
problem is , when this interest parameters are set and  is being forwarded
to other nodes , the value of sigcheck is getting lost. The other nodes are
having the value 0 , which is the default value but from the consumer node
, sigcheck wasset to 1. I have added cout statements in various member
functions in ndn-forwarding.cc . The cout statements of the consumer node
alone are printing the value 1 whereas the other nodes are printing 0. Can
I know where I am going wrong.

Thank you

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