[ndnSIM] MTU, Payload Size and an Assert Message

Christian Kreuzberger christian.kreuzberger at itec.aau.at
Tue Feb 24 04:51:17 PST 2015

In line 80 of ndn-net-device-face.cpp, there is an ASSERT MESSAGE checking
whether packet->Getsize() <= m_netDevice->GetMtu().



The line does make sense, as fragmentation is not (yet) implemented (or is
it?). However, this ASSERT Message is only triggered if ndnSIM is compiled
in debug mode (e.g., not with -d optimized), hence if you run ndnSIM in
debug mode, the simulation will stop if the payload+header+tags is to large.
Though if you run it without debug mode, the simulation will continue even
with payloads that go beyond the MTU.

I'm wondering if this behaviour is intended, and I am also wondering what
happens to too large payloads - I guess it could cause problems and produce
inaccurate results in certain cases. 


Hope to help,



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