[ndnSIM] Memory Usage in ndnSIM and NFD

Daniel Posch poschdaniel2 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 01:00:28 PST 2015


I have a question regarding the memory usage in ndnSIM2.0 as I run in to 
memory troubles with my simulations. Currently I simulate networks with 
the size of 100-200 nodes per simulation. Using ndnSIM1.0 this was no 
problem as the payload of Data Packets could be set to "virtual", so 
just an integer coded the size of the payload. Due the fact that much 
more memory is required in ndnSIM2.0 and through the connection to the 
NFD, I assume that the payload is now really stored in the memory? Is 
this assumption correct? If so, I think this leads to problems 
simulating larger networks even on very powerful hardware.

Could someone explain in detail what "parts" of the Interest/Data 
packets are really physically stored in memory? How do the new/old 
Content Store(s) store Data Packets? Is a copy of each packet stored in 
each Content Store, or is a single copy shared among several Content Stores?

Best regards,

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