[ndnSIM] Questions about cache management scheme where nodes cooperate using header messages

Kanin Assantachai kanin at inl.ics.keio.ac.jp
Mon Feb 16 01:36:54 PST 2015

Hello all,

My name is Kanin from Thailand, but I am currently studying in Keio 
University in Japan. This is my first time joining this mailing list and 
sending a message to ask for your kind help.

Currently, I plan to implement a cache management scheme where part of 
it requires cooperation of nodes using header messages. Some selections 
of nodes will be programmed to broadcast certain amount of the contents 
stored in their cache storage to the nearest neighbors. I have already 
tried to study how different files (or parts) of the simulators (version 
1.0) interact with each other, and I have tried to execute many of the 
provided examples in the tutorials as well. However, I have difficulties 
understanding how to get started on the actual implementations. I am not 
sure which parts I need to make changes to implement this idea. Is there 
any resource or tutorials already provided to help me get started on 
this? I have read through a lot of old archived emails, but I still 
cannot find the answers I am looking for.

Thank you for your clarifications in advance.


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