[ndnSIM] Any tips to speed up ndnSIM ?

Hisham Farahat hishamfarahat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 20:04:19 PST 2015

Any tips to optimize ndnSIM run?
My scenario consists of 250 Nodes with 1.5 Million interests generated in
1000 seconds with a lot of mobility events. , this scenario takes around an
Any tips to speed up such scenario?

I'm running with optimized profile. No printing . No logs.

The presentation (ndnSIM: a modular NDN simulator Introduction and Tutorial
by Alex Afanasyev, Ilya Moiseenko, Lixia Zhang), in the scalability slide,
you have mentioned that the processing speed can be optimized by utilizing
a simplified packet encoding. How can we do that?

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