[ndnSIM] Vanet via Named Data Networking

makel angelo makelangelo2011 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 31 20:50:28 PST 2015

Hi (Alex, Spyros),

First of all happy new year.

i am trying to run  a simulation using ndnSim but i have a lot of question i hope you can answer me .

First i tried to run a simulation available on the web published in 2013 but i am having some difficulties .First do i need to make changes to the code if the version of ndnSim i am working on is different than the one the code was developed under ?

when using the code i noticed that there is a file called ndn-v2v-net-device-face.cc and it's header .h.I think all the errors i am facing is due to this file .it's normal since this file call for other file such as ndn-net-device-face  also ndn-header-helper .while searching for those file i could not find those file under ns3/build/ns3  i could not find the file with extension ndn-net-device-face.h instead i found ndn-net-device-face.hpp.but when changing the call in ndn-v2v-net-device-face  the compile says that the file ndn-net-device-face.hpp  is not found.Well i think i missing something here could you please try to explain for me?

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