[ndnSIM] How to dynamically install producer in the runtime?

虞龙煜 yunlzy at 126.com
Sun Apr 12 10:24:44 PDT 2015

Hello all:
         I want to simulate a system with p2p function, so i need to dynamically add producer in the runtime.
         but when I try to install producer in my client like below:
         Only the last interest can be satisfied. log looks like this:
         4 : new producer for/1
         4 : new producer for/2
         4 : new producer for/3
         4 : new producer for/4
         4 : new producer for/5
         3 : send interest /1
         3 : send interest /2
         3 : send interest /3
         3 : send interest /4
         3 : send interest /5
         4 : send Data packet for /5
         Only the fifth interest is satisfied.
         I want to know is there some way to deal with this problem?
         Sorry for my poor english and thanks for help.        
Long Yu
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