[ndnSIM] How many faces in node?

최원준 wonjunchoi001 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 21:51:02 PDT 2015

> the Interest is being forwarded through a single face

Thanks for you comment.
The example is using 3x3 grid topology.
It means that some node acts like router.

for example (1,1) node is linked 4 nodes and (0,1) node is linked 3 nodes.
each node has inFace and outFace and if the node is linked 4 nodes, the
available face to forward interest is 3 except for inFace am I right? so I
wanted to print the remaining faces.
So, I still cannot understand the meaning of above sentence (the Interest
is being forwarded through a single face)
I want to selectively change the face to forward. Do you know how to do

Wonjun, Choi
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