[ndnSIM] N consumers M distinct producers

Josh J joshjdevl at gmail.com
Wed May 21 06:38:36 PDT 2014


I'm trying to setup a scenario where there are M distinct producers 1...M.
Each producer is responsible for a certain prefix /producer1 ... /producerM.

There are also N consumers which generate requests for interests ranging
from /producer1 to /producerM followiing a zipf distribution.

I modified the zipfmandelbrotconsumer by changing the following line

  Ptr<Name> nameWithSequence = Create<Name>
  //nameWithSequence->appendSeqNum (seq);


I then installed a consumerapp and producerapp on each node accordingly.


The simulation runs for a very brief amount of time before receiving an error.
0.573765s 1 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:GetNextSeq(): [LOGIC]
0.573765s 1 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:GetNextSeq(): [DEBUG]
0.573765s 1 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket(): [INFO ] seq=1
0.573765s 1 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket(): [INFO ] >
Interest for 1, Total: 6, face: 1
0.573765s 1 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket(): [DEBUG]
Trying to add 1 with +573764778.0ns. already 4 items
0.573765s 1 ndn.fw:OnInterest(0x1740d10, /producer1)
0.576379s 3 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket()
0.576379s 3 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:GetNextSeq(): [LOGIC]
0.576379s 3 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:GetNextSeq(): [DEBUG]
0.576379s 3 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket(): [INFO ] seq=8
0.576379s 3 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket(): [INFO ] >
Interest for 8, Total: 7, face: 1
0.576379s 3 ndn.ConsumerZipfPrefixMandelbrot:SendPacket(): [DEBUG]
Trying to add 8 with +576379247.0ns. already 5 items
0.576379s 3 ndn.fw:OnInterest(0x1740dd0, /producer8)
0.576426s 0 ndn.fw:OnData(0x1722870, /producer2)
0.576426s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnData(0x173c580, 0x174bb40)
terminate called after throwing an instance of
  what():  std::exception

Is there any naming convention assumed in the routing such as
/producer/1 /producer/2 instead of being able to route to /producer1
/producer2 ?

The gdb backtrace is posted here

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