[ndnSIM] [Fwd: Producer/Consumer implementation]

ioannoa at scss.tcd.ie ioannoa at scss.tcd.ie
Wed Mar 5 06:57:09 PST 2014

Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement a scenario, where i want my catalog of objects to
follow a specific distribution regarding the size. e.g. a catalog size of
100 objects with a mean size of 1000 chunks following some distribution x.

Would someone be able to advice me how to implement something like that,
as at the moment the consumer really defines the contents characteristics
using e.g. MaxSeq. In contrast the app of the producer only just replies
to whatever request it receives.

My biggest confusion is if each object varies in size, how can a consumer
send requests only until the object is retrieved? My thought is, the
producer holds a table with the size of each object. It then divides this
size with 1024 so as to conclude to how many packets each object would
correspond to. Then it keeps this so as to inform the consumer when the
say last prefix/j is retrieved.

Any better ideas?

Kind regards,

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