[ndnSIM] Scripts not compiling (was: issue 10 NDN-Routing/ndnSIM on GitHub)

Junaid Ahmed Khan junaidkhanfastian at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 05:09:54 PDT 2014

Hello Alex Afsanasyev,

I installed the customized version of ns-3 to use ndnSIM as per instructions on the webpage. After building using waf, i did not find the built in “wave" module of ns-3. Therefore, I copied the wave module from the generic ns-3 installation but I am unable to build with it. I even tried to do the inverse (copy ndnSIM into the src folder) but nothing works. 

Kindly guide me on adding wave (used for Vehicular networks) in the customized version i.e. ndnSIM or instructions on adding ndnSIM into ns 3.20.

Any response would be appreciated.


Kind Regards,

Junaid Ahmed Khan

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