[ndnSIM] updating link cost at run time

Emnet Tsadiku emnettsadiku at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 08:02:12 PDT 2014

Hi All,

i have some problem in updating the link cost:

my scenario: i have source1 connected to router 1 and after 10 sec, source1
is disconnected from router1 and connected to router2.
so when i change the link cost (from topology reader), say

# srcNode   dstNode     bandwidth   metric    delay     queue
Src1           Rtr1             5Mbps       2         250ms     400
Src1           Rtr2             5Mbps       1         250ms     400

*what happens is that, for the first 10 sec src1 is not going through Rtr1,
which i understand why, because, the lower value of this metric, the more
preferred the face is to route Interest towards the prefix. that's why it
is choosing Rtr2,
after 10 sec.

My goal is : From 0sec-10sec, i want src1 to send interest via Rtr1 then
disconnect Rtr1 and connect to Rtr2.

i also saw Alex code;

but it is not working in my case as i wanted!

what can i do to update the link cost, so that src1 will go through Rtr2
after 10sec.

Thank for you time.
Emnet Tsadiku
PHD student
University of Siena
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