[ndnSIM] Some questions from a postgraduate student at CQUPT

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Mon Feb 24 01:26:58 PST 2014

I'm very sorroy for disturbing you with some questions about ndnSIM.
 1. How can a consumer  fectch the data not only from the producer but also some router just near it thus to reduce the cost or delay?
 2.Does the FIB fixed during the whole simulation if we simulate the original CCN network? 
 3.If I use GlobalRoutingHelper or manually configure routes, does every fibentry in every router has only one face ? If so , whether the forwarding strategies like flooding and smartflooding become meaningless? If not, how can use flooding and what should I do to configure FIB in order to let interests propagated to nearby routers?
 Thank you very much for taking you so much time! Looking forward to your reply.
                                                                                                                                   Zhipeng Ding
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