[ndnSIM] How to use aggregate-stats-policy.h

Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Tue Feb 11 11:31:09 PST 2014

Hi Aaron,

You can check out https://github.com/NDN-Routing/ndnSIM/blob/master/examples/ndn-simple-with-pit-operation-stats.cc example.  It shows an example how to print out stats for PIT, but this can be used for CS as well in a similar way.


On Feb 10, 2014, at 8:36 PM, aaronishere <aaronishere at qq.com> wrote:

> Hi, Alex
> I found the aggregate-stats-policy.h under folder /utils/trie, which records how many times insert/lookup/upeate/erase is used.
> I wonder how to use it so that the times of insert/lookup/upeate/erase can be shown when the simulation ends.
> Thanks!
> Aaron

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