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Hi Spyros :-)Thank you for your response. I tried my best for better understanding of classes.
I have two questions:
1- If we use the below Forwarding Strategy with the Interest limit, the rate will be assigned per-interface?ndnHelper.SetForwardingStrategy ("ns3::ndn::fw::Flooding::PerOutFaceLimits"
                                 "Limit", "ns3::ndn::Limits::Rate");
ndnHelper.Install (nodes);
2- In the above code, we can assign the Interest Rate Limit. I want to assign a new formula to change periodically the Interest Rate Limit. The initial idea is in: http://ndnsim.net/fw.html#strategies-with-interest-limits . Where is it possible to write a new Interest Limit? Can we define it in the main function (in *.cc) as a global variable? Could you please give me an hint?

I will be thankful if you or anyone can guide me in these questions.


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Hello Amin, 
 I will answer your question, based on the best of my knowledge in ndnSIM. Alex can complement my answer if anything is misleading or incomplete. 
 There is a template class PerOutFaceLimits that I think it would be helpful. You can write a specialization of this template to apply it to your forwarding strategy. Moreover, each forwarding strategy uses a convention about green, yellow and red faces. There is a number of forwarding strategies implemented, but you can also create your own custom forwarding strategy based on the already implemented strategies.  
 Follow the first link to take a look at the PerOutFaceLimits template class and the second link for the forwarding strategies (with and without limits): http://ndnsim.net/doxygen/classns3_1_1ndn_1_1fw_1_1_per_out_face_limits.html#a3ea8ba5325d54412c5894e02fb519839 http://ndnsim.net/fw.html 
 If you eventually use the limits, do not forget to enable them first at your simulation scenario (there are some examples at the second aforementioned link). 
 Let me know if you need anything else. Kind regards, Spyros Mastorakis 
On Nov 14, 2014, at 11:54 AM, amin1431 <amin1431 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Alex,
Could you please tell me in which section of the ndnSIM classes/functions we can do some strategy per-interface?Is there any assigned class for that? for instance, change the rate of InInterest or add a value into data packet per interface not for all incoming data packets.

Thanks a lot for your all support.

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