[ndnSIM] Unexpected increase in RTT

Azar Fazel azarmehr65 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 16:56:48 PDT 2014

Hi Alex

I'm running this simple scenario: there are 3 nodes, one consumer, one
producer and one router ( same as simple scenario in the Example page)
 they are connected together using p2p links with the bandwidth of 1Mbps
and the maxPacket of 10000. The consumer is sending interests to the
producer with the frequency of "1" ( 1 interest a second).
I have a database of prefixes which consists of 1000 prefixes. In a loop (
1000 times) each time the consumer randomly selects one of these prefixes
and requests it.

I have populated the RTT for each Interest by using "AppDelayTracer" and
run the simulation for 200 seconds.

But the delays that AppDelayTracer  shows are increasing along with the
time of simulation ( they starts with 0.017 us and at the end it is about
50 us). I tired to change the value of "maxPacket", but the issue still

Can you please give me some hint how can I interpret this growth of RTTs?

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