[ndnSIM] Confused by Forwarding Strategies using

fzufzu fzufzu at 163.com
Sat Sep 28 20:40:30 PDT 2013

I'm confused by learning the forwarding strategies.
 I ran ndn-tree-with-12tracer.cc in the Terminal  as follows in turn
   ccnxHelper.SetForwardingStrategy ("ns3::ndn::fw::BestRoute");
  //ccnxHelper.SetForwardingStrategy ("ns3::ndn::fw::Flooding");
  //ccnxHelper.SetForwardingStrategy ("ns3::ndn::fw::SmartFlooding");
 as you can see, i just changed the Forwardingstragy.  Then, i found the trace file (drop-trace.txt) are the same.

Then i ran ndn-grid-topo-plugin.cc in the Terminal in the same way. The trace file gather data and sort by the following class.
| [    Time | Node | FaceId | FaceDescr | Type | Packets | Kilobytes | PacketRaw | KilobytesRaw |     ] |
And the data was a mess . It takes me a lot of time to analyze but got nothing finally.

There comes my question: When the diffferent forwarding strategies make difference ?  Does it make no differences in a scenario with few nodes?

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