[ndnSIM] A question about the example named "ndn-tree-tracers.cc"

Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Thu Sep 12 10:52:08 PDT 2013

Hi Jin,

I suspect that you're modifying not exactly the right file.  Did you modify scenario in examples/ folder or did you copy/create ndn-tracers.cc in NS-3's scratch folder?   If the latter, then you would want to change scenario's name, so it doesn't conflict with ndnSIM examples (I suspect, but can't be 100% sure, that the scenario you're running is from examples folder, while you have modified file in scratch/ folder).


On Sep 10, 2013, at 7:17 PM, xuejin <xue_jin at foxmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> There are two lines code in the example "ndn-tree-tracers.cc" like following :
>   ndn::L3AggregateTracer::InstallAll ("aggregate-trace.txt", Seconds (0.5));
>   ndn::L3RateTracer::InstallAll ("rate-trace.txt", Seconds (0.5));
> When I run the scenario successfully, I get two files named "aggregate-trace.txt" and "rate-trace.txt".
> Now, I want to change the file names, so I used the next two lines:
>   ndn::L3AggregateTracer::InstallAll ("xuejin-aggregate-trace.txt", Seconds (0.5));
>   ndn::L3RateTracer::InstallAll ("xuejin-rate-trace.txt", Seconds (0.5));
> But after I run it successfully, the files' names still be "aggregate-trace.txt" and "rate-trace.txt". Why names can't change?
> Looking forward to your response.
> Jin Xue
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