[ndnSIM] simple simulation

nor masri sahri masri.sahri at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 22:58:56 PDT 2013

hi, im new to ndnsim and ns3.
i want to simulate 4 nodes, 1 as Consumer, 2 node as internediate router
and 1 node as Producer.
State of art of NDN is to forward the Interest to every connected node with
the Consumer
Do I have to set manually route or just concern about forwarding strategy?
FYI, i manage to connect Consumer node to the 2 intermediate node but when
i run the simulation, the traffic goes to only one node.

ndn::StackHelper ndnHelper;
  ndnHelper.SetDefaultRoutes (false);
  ndnHelper.InstallAll ();
  ndnHelper.Install (nodes);

thank you (really interested to explore more on ndnsim)


Phd Student,
Kyushu University, Japan
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