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nor masri sahri masri.sahri at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 21:54:01 PST 2013

hi alex and all,
correct me if i am wrong about my interpretation.
from the example file (ndn-simple.cc), i just did simple rule to set
maximum number of prefix to be requested (i set to max = 200) to see how it
works.(assuming the size of /prefix name file is consist of 200 segment)

1. consumer send interest for data name /prefix
2. Producer will reply /prefix 0 (part or chunk or segment of /prefix named
3. when consumer receive /prefix 0, consumer will send another interest for
the same file name (/prefix)
4. producer will reply /prefix 1 since that is the sequence number for the
complete named data of /prefix

im quite confused when i see the ns log file

0s 0 ndn.Consumer:SendPacket()
0s 0 ndn.Consumer:SendPacket(): [INFO ] > Interest for 0
0s 0 ndn.Consumer:WillSendOutInterest(): [DEBUG] Trying to add 0 with
+0.0ns. already 0 items
0.020496s 2 ndn.Producer:OnInterest(0x8c01308, 0x8c0db70)
0.020496s 2 ndn.Producer:OnInterest(): [INFO ] node(2) respodning with
Data: /prefix/%00
0.057472s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnData(0x8c00d38, 0x8c0d260)
0.057472s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnData(): [INFO ] < DATA for 0
0.1s 0 ndn.Consumer:SendPacket()
0.1s 0 ndn.Consumer:SendPacket(): [INFO ] > Interest for 1
0.1s 0 ndn.Consumer:WillSendOutInterest(): [DEBUG] Trying to add 1 with
+100000000.0ns. already 0 items
0.120512s 2 ndn.Producer:OnInterest(0x8c01308, 0x8c0f7f0)
0.120512s 2 ndn.Producer:OnInterest(): [INFO ] node(2) respodning with
Data: /prefix/%00%01
0.157504s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnData(0x8c00d38, 0x8c0f5b0)
0.157504s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnData(): [INFO ] < DATA for 1

Is Consumer request specifically for /prefix 0 at the first time and when
he get the data, the consumer send another interest for next data which is
/prefix 1?

In this scenario, it is presumed that the size of /prefix is max 200

Sorry about my question, little confused.

I am planning to do research on window on NDNsim. Need advice. Many thanks


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