[ndnSIM] Using openssl with ndnSIM

Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Fri May 10 11:37:22 PDT 2013

Hi Cesar,

Did you reconfigure NS-3/ndnSIM after the merging?  If not, then it could be the problem.

Here is my output on Linux machine with compilation of the same .cc file:

[1019/1763] cxx: src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc -> build/src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc.1.o
11:32:15 runner ['/usr/bin/g++', '-O0', '-ggdb', '-g3', '-Wall', '-Werror', '-Wno-error=deprecated-declarations', '-fstrict-aliasing', '-Wstrict-aliasing', '-pthread', '-fno-strict-aliasing', '-fwrapv', '-fstack-protector', '-fno-strict-aliasing', '-I.', '-I..', '-I/usr/include', '-I/usr/include/python2.7', '-I/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/python2.7', '-DNS3_ASSERT_ENABLE', '-DNS3_LOG_ENABLE', '-DHAVE_SYS_IOCTL_H=1', '-DHAVE_IF_NETS_H=1', '-DHAVE_PACKET_H=1', '-DHAVE_SSL=1', '-DHAVE_SQLITE3=1', '-DHAVE_IF_TUN_H=1', '-DNDEBUG', '-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2', '../src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc', '-c', '-o', 'src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc.1.o']
[1698/1763] cxxprogram: build/src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc.1.o -> build/src/ndnSIM/tools/ns3-dev-rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded-debug
11:32:23 runner ['/usr/bin/g++', '-pthread', '-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions', '-Wl,-z,relro', 'src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc.1.o', '-o', '/home/cawka/ndnSIM/ns-3/build/src/ndnSIM/tools/ns3-dev-rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded-debug', '-Wl,-Bstatic', '-Wl,-Bdynamic', '-Wl,--no-as-needed', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L/usr/lib', '-L/usr/lib', '-lns3-dev-ndnSIM-debug', '-lns3-dev-visualizer-debug', '-lns3-dev-point-to-point-debug', '-lns3-dev-internet-debug', '-lns3-dev-mpi-debug', '-lns3-dev-bridge-debug', '-lns3-dev-wifi-debug', '-lns3-dev-propagation-debug', '-lns3-dev-mobility-debug', '-lns3-dev-topology-read-debug', '-lns3-dev-network-debug', '-lns3-dev-core-debug', '-lrt', '-lboost_graph-mt', '-lboost_system-mt', '-lboost_signals-mt', '-lboost_filesystem-mt', '-lssl', '-lcrypto', '-lpython2.7']


On May 10, 2013, at 1:34 AM, Cesar Ghali <cghali at uci.edu> wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> I forked the git://github.com/NDN-Routing/ndnSIM.git repo and I'm using the feature/with-openssl branch. When I build, I am still getting (undefined reference to `SHA1') which means that the crypto lib is not being linked. I also can't see it in the compile command:
> Build failed
>  -> task in 'rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded' failed (exit status 1): 
>     {task 163377036: cxxprogram rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc.1.o -> ns3-dev-rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded-optimized}
> ['/usr/bin/g++', '-pthread', '-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions', '-Wl,-z,relro', 'src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded.cc.1.o', '-o', '/home/cesar/Documents/ndnSIM/ns-3/build/src/ndnSIM/tools/ns3-dev-rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded-optimized', '-Wl,-Bstatic', '-Wl,-Bdynamic', '-Wl,--no-as-needed', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L.', '-L/usr/lib', '-L/usr/lib', '-lns3-dev-ndnSIM-optimized', '-lns3-dev-visualizer-optimized', '-lns3-dev-point-to-point-optimized', '-lns3-dev-internet-optimized', '-lns3-dev-mpi-optimized', '-lns3-dev-bridge-optimized', '-lns3-dev-wifi-optimized', '-lns3-dev-propagation-optimized', '-lns3-dev-mobility-optimized', '-lns3-dev-topology-read-optimized', '-lns3-dev-network-optimized', '-lns3-dev-core-optimized', '-lrt', '-lboost_graph-mt', '-lboost_system-mt', '-lboost_signals-mt', '-lboost_filesystem-mt', '-lpython2.7']
> I checked the wscript file in the ndnSIM root folder (in feature/with-openssl branch) and it includes adding a link to crypto lib, but I don't know why it is not showing in the g++ command.
> Thanks for the help,
> Cesar
> On 05/09/2013 10:20 AM, Cesar Ghali wrote:
>> Thanks Alex, 
>> I will try it and will let you know. 
>> Cesar 
>> On 05/08/2013 07:19 PM, Alex Afanasyev wrote: 
>>> Hi Cesar, 
>>> In waf, adding external dependencies is a little bit simpler, though not as obvious. 
>>> I pushed a small change to ndnSIM repo to the feature/with-openssl branch, which added a dependency (necessary compiler and linker flags) for ndnSIM. 
>>> Can you try this branch? 
>>> --- 
>>> Alex 
>>> On May 8, 2013, at 7:03 PM, cghali at uci.edu wrote: 
>>>> Hi all, 
>>>> I am trying to use openssl with ndnSIM. I spend the last several hours 
>>>> trying to link the crypto library with waf and I finally managed to do it. 
>>>> Apparently, adding the libray to LINKFLAGS_EXTRA did not help, although 
>>>> -lcrypto is added to the g++ build command (which can be verified using 
>>>> the verbose mode when running waf). The way how I fixed it is by adding 
>>>> this line at the beginning of the build function in wscript 
>>>> bld.env['LIB_PYEMBED'] = bld.env['LIB_PYEMBED'] + ["crypto"] 
>>>> For some reason the crypto library should be linked at the end, that's why 
>>>> I appended it to LIB_PYEMBED which is being evaluated at the end. Is there 
>>>> a clean way to do this? 
>>>> Thanks for the help, 
>>>> Cesar 

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