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Alex Afanasyev cawka1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 13:43:52 PDT 2013

Hi Amin,

There are several ways you can accomplish this.  One (and I would say more correct appropriate and easier) way is not to deal with PIT data structure itself, but implement your own forwarding strategy and collect statistics based on forwarding strategy events: there are events that fired when PIT entry is removed, events when it is added, etc.

If you really want to directly access stats of PIT structure, there is a slight complication, but nothing is impossible. I have just added to the master branch an specialized version of PIT (ns3::ndn::pit::Persistent::AggregateStats) that allows you to collect basic statistics using a new aggregate stats policy, as well as a "simple" example that prints out collected stats every second (./waf --run=ndn-simple-with-pit-operation-stats).  For the implementation details you can also check out utils/trie/aggregate-stats-policy.h.


On Mar 26, 2013, at 4:34 AM, Amin Karami <amin at ac.upc.edu> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I am going to take 'PIT access frequency' into consideration in each second. That is, Interest looks up, inserts, updates, and removes PIT entries in each second.
> How does it possible in ndnSIM?
> Best Regards,
> Amin
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