[ndnSIM] Questions about the AggregateTracer stat info

Chengyu Fan chengyu at cs.colostate.edu
Wed Mar 20 10:25:14 PDT 2013

Hi Alex,

When we use L3AggregateTracer, we usually create it as follows:
boost::tuple< boost::shared_ptr<std::ostream>,
std::list<Ptr<ndn::L3AggregateTracer> > >
  aggTracers = ndn::L3AggregateTracer::InstallAll ("aggregate-trace.txt",
Seconds (1.0));

I think this means that AggregateTracer will print the stat information in
the "aggregate-trace.txt" every second.

My question is :
Is the stat information only for one second interval?

For instance, at second 1, the Tracer collects 10 incoming Interests, so it
prints it out 10; after that, it collects 5 incoming Interests,
so at second 2, how many incoming Interests will the Tracer print out? 5 or

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