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徐雅琨 11111015 at bjtu.edu.cn
Sun Mar 17 20:34:32 PDT 2013

Thanks very much, Alex. 
newInterest->SetName (Create<Name> ("/some/new/name")) can work; (I missed Create<Name> () .)
I should read the source code carefully beforehand.

Yakun Xu



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Hi Yakun,

If you want to create and send out a slightly modified Interest inside the forwarding strategy, you can do something similar to what is done in nacks.cc: you create a new Interest, based on the existing interest that you have and then "replace" necessary parts (name).  For example,

Ptr<Interest> newInterest = Create<Interest> (*header);
newInterest->SetName (Create<Name> ("/some/new/name"));

Ptr<Packet> packet = Create<Packet> ();
nonNackInterest->AddHeader (*nonNackHeader);


On Mar 17, 2013, at 7:13 AM, "徐雅琨" <11111015 at bjtu.edu.cn> wrote:

Hi Alex,
I add few new bits in the name prefix as you suppose and these new bits in the prefix should not be handlled as the header name. So I wanna add a new header similiar to Ptr<const InterestHeader> header in forwarding-strategy.cc except for the name. In other words, I wanna reset the name in Ptr<const InterestHeader> header.
I guess the router can only read NDN package without any modification.


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