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Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Tue Jun 25 18:32:27 PDT 2013


I would say that it can be done in either place, depending on what is base for the decision.

If you can base decision whether to cache or not just base on information available in the forwarding strategy, then you can do it there.  At the same time, in the policy (e.g., at the point of insert() method call), you may have more information about the cache content: how many entries, which entries are old and should be evicted to make place for the new item, or whether the new item should not be cached for some reason).


On Jun 25, 2013, at 6:28 PM, 陈胜蓝 <blindeafer at 163.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a question that troubles me, I wonder if a node decide whether to cache a content object according to some functions of forwarding strategy,just like OnData().And whether the Insert() method in replacement policy is done after a node decide to cache an object,replacement policy is nothing to decide what to cache?
> Than you! 
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