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1. CS is using a generalized data structure (trie: utils/trie/trie-with-policy.h), so that's why there is a word "payload", and not something specific.  In the context of content store, payload is the content store entry.

2. CS store entry contains data packet, which contains name

4. Ptr<Packet> is a general abstraction of a packet in NS-3 in general.  ndnSIM uses Interest and Data packets, which in version before 0.5 are actually so called "headers" that are added to Ptr<Packet>, and since 0.5 they are wrappers on top of Ptr<Packet> (which internally use "header" to add to packet).

By default, ndnSIM uses packet formats defined in the document that you linked.  In version 0.5 it is also possible to use other format (currently, the only other format is CCNx's ccnb)

5. I would recommend to check out version 0.5, since it got a little bit more straightforward, especially in this case.   CS stores Ptr<ContentObject> object, which internally has reference to it's payload (Ptr<Packet>) and wire format (also Ptr<Packet>).

Hope my answers didn't confuse you too much :)


On Jul 28, 2013, at 8:53 PM, 陈胜蓝 <blindeafer at 163.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just know the payload in CS is a valid entry and learn the entry from some documents,it contains the content name and the content.There are some questions puzzled me these days.
> 1.What is the relationship between payload and entry?
> 2.whether the  entry containes the name of content in ndnSIM?
> 3.If the second is true,whether the name of an entry in CS or the other two structures is the name of the node or the full name of content like some documents present?
> 4.Whether all the ptr<packet> packets in ndnSIM are the same format like the http://ndnsim.net/ndnsim-packet-formats.html?&n bsp;
> 5.I read the ContentStoreIMpl::lookup(),what is the formats of FullyFormedNdnPacket,Header and Packet form the three methods (node->payload ()->GetFullyFormedNdnPacket (),node->payload ()->GetHeader (),node->payload ()->GetPacket ())?
> Thank you
> Regards.
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