[ndnSIM] How to use RocketfuelWeightsReader

Xiao yan Hu xhbreezehu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 19:48:01 PST 2013

Hi guys,

Do U have any experience using RocketfuelWeightsReader in ndnSIM?
I tried in the following way:

snip from my code:
57   RocketfuelWeightsReader topologyReader ("", 25);
 58   topologyReader.SetFileName
 59   topologyReader.SetFileType (3);
 60   topologyReader.Read ();

But I got the following error:
msg="Topology file /home/me/works/ndnSIM/ns-3/scratch/edges.lat does not
have "router" section",
file=../src/ndnSIM/plugins/topology/annotated-topology-reader.cc, line=160
terminate called without an active exception

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
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