[ndnSIM] How to use hijacker in ndnSIM?

Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Mon Feb 25 23:47:15 PST 2013

Hi Chengyu,

You would need to modify wscript file to include hijacker.cc in your scenario.   You can checkout an example in examples/wscript for "ndn-simple-with-custom-app".

At the same time, I would encourage you and everybody else against writing scenarios by modifying ndnSIM or NS-3.  My personal recommendation is to use a modular way, using for example the template https://github.com/cawka/ndnSIM-scenario-template.   If you simply copy hijacker.cc to extensions folder and copy your modified version of ndn-tree-app-delay-trace (alongside with topology files), it should compile and work.

Let us know if you still in trouble with hijacker (either with or without modular way).


On Feb 25, 2013, at 11:14 PM, Chengyu Fan <chengyu at cs.colostate.edu> wrote:

>> Hi~
>> I want to use the custom app "hijacker" in ndnSIM, so I modify the code of ndn-tree-app-delay-tracer.cc.
>> Basically I replace codes:
>>   ndn::AppHelper producerHelper ("ns3::ndn::Producer");
>>   producerHelper.SetAttribute ("PayloadSize", StringValue("1024"));  
>> using: 
>>   ndn::AppHelper producerHelper ("Hijacker");
>> However, when I run ndn-tree-app-delay-trace, it prompts the error messages:
>> assert failed. cond="uid != 0", msg="Assert in TypeId::LookupByName: Hijacker not found", file=../src/core/model/type-id.cc, line=419
>> terminate called without an active exception
>> Command ['/home/chengyu/ndnSIM/ns-3/build/src/ndnSIM/examples/ns3-dev-ndn-tree-app-delay-tracer-debug', '100'] terminated with signal SIGIOT. Run it under a debugger to get more information (./waf --run <program> --command-template="gdb --args %s <args>").
>> Does anybody know what the problem is?
>> Thanks,
>> Chengyu
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