[ndnSIM] how relay works

Chiara Contoli chiara.contoli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 19:22:39 PST 2013

Hi all,
I'd like to know how the car relay works. For example: let's suppose we have 3 nodes (I try to make it simple): 
- a node which is a Consumer (Consumer app installed on it); this is the node A
- a node which is a Producer (Producer app installed on it); this is the node B 
- a node that have the ndn stack installed on it; this is the node C
A and B can't "hear" each other directly ; C is in the broascast range of both A and B. If A send an Interest, C surely receive that interes, B doesn't , but C could forward the Interest to B and get the Content back from it, and then forward the Content back to A. I've tried this scenario, but it doesn't work as expected . What I see, is that C receive the Interest from A (as I expected) but C doesn't forward the Interest to B. What am I missing?


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