[ndnSIM] prefetching

nor masri sahri masri.sahri at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 22:29:30 PST 2013

hi alex and all, first of all you did give me a might solution to my
question but i still didnot clear on it
here is your message

*>* BooleanValue(true));
*>>* After that, you can simply "publish" any number of data packets into local
*>* node's cache as a response to the incoming Interests; and any further
*>* Interests for the published Data will be answered directly from the cache.*

let me explain my project scenario. I wanted to have all the packet of a
file is in the Producer buffer/cache.
for example, let say file A consist of 100 chunks and all the chunks of the
content object (namely /prefix0, /prefix1,,,,/prefix99) is already in the
cache of Producer node, so when consumer send interest for content object
name /prefix, Producer will reply directly from his cache. I really have no
idea on this (relatively new user), please give me suggestion on this
matter. thank you


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